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For the first time in history, five generations will soon be working side by side, so how do you motivate someone who has a different aspiration to you?

How do you encourage people of different generations to share their knowledge and skills?

The way we work is evolving too and people are now looking for agility. People want to set their own hours and work whenever and wherever they can do their best work. Leaders no longer just make certain work gets done; they will need to act as mentors to their employees in support of career direction.

‘Talent Strategy - Preparing people for change’ paper

In this era of rapid and relentless change, adopting a people-centric change strategy isn’t an option – it’s a business imperative. With this in mind, organisations need to rethink their approach to talent recruitment, nurturing and management.

In this talent strategy paper, you can learn:

Talent Strategy
  • The major drivers of change in the digital world

  • The key challenges organisations are facing in talent recruitment and management

  • The skills for the future world of work and the development of a learning culture

  • Konica Minolta’s talent strategy and approach to transformational change; its key pillars and themes