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53% of UK organisations are already considering the use of intelligent automation and 50% the use of artificial intelligence to grow revenues and improve customer engagement.

These were some of the findings from a recent Konica Minolta poll taken at the intelligent workplace of the future event, during which industry luminaries and Konica Minolta experts shared their vision for the future of work, an environment where work is less about where you go and more about what you get done.

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The workplace environment as we know it is changing. Make sure your business has all the facts:

  • Understand the trends shaping the future of work.
  • Discover how technology, people and processes can help you build for the future.
  • Learn how a managed IT services strategy can help you create an innovative and engaging digital workplace.
  • Explore Workplace Hub, a connected, intelligent edge device to help you work smarter.
  • Find out how intelligent automation delivers operational excellence by automating common, repetitive workplace tasks.